2 year old program

Your child will be filled with energy and curiosity. Our program provides development of your child by promoting social skills and educational fundamentals. They will be busy exploring their environment and will be learning to communicate their thoughts. As they begin to have a new independence they will also begin to acquire an understanding of group play, sharing, and activities. We will provide the structure and guidance each child needs throughout their day as they begin to share and get along with others. Our teachers will keep each child busy to stimulate their interests and minds. Your child will build their skills through listening to stories, games, songs, art & movement. Various activities can range from stringing objects, playing with puppets, shave cream tables, story-time, reciting alphabet and numbers, color recognition, shape recognition, music, dance, arts and crafts, painting, clay, etc)

Our daily schedule provides a structured yet diverse periods of group and individual activities. By encouraging good social skills we ensure your child grows at their own pace. We promote sharing, taking turns, and cooperation. These skills will help your child progress to the next step in their education.

Program Features

  • Daily group instruction which promotes skill development
  • Begin to introduce academic readiness
  • Encouragement and support to promote caring, confidence and self esteem
  • A balance of nurturing, learning and playtime