3 year old program

A preschooler's world opens up in so many ways as children begin to interact with others more. They are beginning to understand complex activities and games, and are understanding the daily flow of activities. At this age group children learn by doing and we will strengthen their developmental skills with plenty of activities, structure and keys to becoming a lifetime learner. Your child will be starting Kindergarten in two years. Our goal is to prepare them for success by giving them the academic advantage above the rest.

Whole group learning as well as small group or individual learning activities are included. The program includes beginning writing, language development, science, cutting skills, pre-reading, math concepts, story boards, creative arts & music, motor skills, and social development.

Our preschool teachers know that your child is in their own stage and have their own learning process. Our teachers are flexible, skilled, and enthusiastic. Our teachers strive to encourage your child to gain their independence and help them to understand how their actions affect those around them as well as their environment. Providing constant feedback and encouragement creates a child who is excited about learning.

Program Features

  • Explore imagination and concepts
  • Math and science skills through hands-on experiences
  • Academic emphasis for Kindergarten preparation